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Girls will never listen or learn.


Louisville, Ky.

This is my blog. It has good days, bad days, funny jokes, and some depressing shit. I try to keep that part to my personal blogs but sometimes it ends up here. I do not promote self harm. This is hypocritical but don't self harm. It's not worth it and you will regret starting. Keep yourself clean.

Suicide attempts: 1

Last cut: July 19 2014



i just realized that i don’t actually have to do anything with my life… i don’t have to achieve anything i’m free to waste all my “potential” and lower the bar so down low just breathing is enough… !!! honestly!!! because i don’t actually give a shit i’m just pretending!

i think this is really important to remember


Nothing’s fine, I’m torn. na We Heart It.


Nothing’s fine, I’m torn. na We Heart It.

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they were right. guns don’t kill people. people kill people. people are now illegal and the crime rate is zero

Today at the Disney Store

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whats it like to be hot enough that people take ur picture when ur in public without u knowing

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never have i ever felt a stronger connection with kim kardashian in my life

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